Adventure Time!

11 Jul

27 June

On the 5th June I finished work in Sydney. I was sad to leave this job, being fairly settled. I know I’ve improved a lot since being there and I was working for someone I enjoy working for, with people I like working with, in a job I love doing. And the horses! I had become surprisingly attached to them. The turnover of horses is high, so this was quite unusual, especially for me, who has had quite enough of horses by the end of work, thank you very much. But I had grown to love checking over them at night, in their quiet solitude, and found they had all become my friends.

Sydney, however, had become stale for me. Whether this was due to my need of a break, the weather, the people, the way of life,the early starts, the tiny four walls I lodged in, the incessant use of sub-quality public transport, I don‘t know. But I was ready for a change, despite my reluctance to make it happen.

I set my new start date for three weeks after I finished, and planned an adventure. Well, when I say ‘planned’… I booked a flight. I boarded the plane with a hangover sufficient of my leaving night and landed in Cairns, where the mountains loomed, the sun shone, and tropical rainforest sprouted, green as you like, all around me.

I have much to say on this trip, but I just want to quickly summarise. I spent my time around Cape Tribulation frolicking in the Daintree Rainforest; sailing, snorkelling and diving on The Great Barrier Reef near Cairns; roadtripping around The Atherton Tablelands and Undara; generally stuffing as much into my time as I wanted. I came back to Sydney for a few days and then up to The Hunter Valley for a weekend of wine tasting, and here I am at my new job.

I built sandcastles until my knees turned all red and sore. Is that the best injury ever? I cruised down a river full of crocs. I saw paddocks jam packed with wallabies. I saw a rainbow so close you could put your hand through it. I saw an island in the shape of a crocodile. I saw where Steve Irwin met his stingray. I sang my heart out on a deserted beach. I tried to remember how to do cartwheels on another deserted beach. I saw fungus that glowed. I learnt where the Southern Cross and Scorpio was in a sky of crystal stars. I got hooked on sailing. I did some things that scare me. I wrote, I read, I was spoiled by sunsets and sunrises. I met an unbelievable amount of wonderful people, and a certain amount of interesting people. Saw some of the most incredible landscapes. I went to a factory that makes cheese AND chocolate (and ate as much as I could). I slept in my car, didn’t shower for, er, sometime, and remembered how much I love being a bum. I swam in hot water springs. I went to the outback (and got offered a job). I explored the world’s longest continuous lava tubes and hit my head searching for spiders (another great injury). I got woken up in my little car by dingoes howling. I danced behind the steering wheel while blasting music as loud as I wanted. I hunted for a great deal of wildlife. And saw a bit too. I dreamt a lot. I did enough thinking to help sort the old noggin out, and came to some realisations. I thought about some things I’ve never thought about before, did some things I’ve never done before, saw some things I’ve never seen before.

In short, I had an adventure. And I came back with this resounding in my head:

Oh, world! What have we done to deserve you?!


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2 responses to “Adventure Time!

  1. Linda de Villiers

    July 15, 2013 at 6:12 am

    Hi Lizz

    How are you? I do so love reading about all your adventures. I hope you are well and happy in your new job.

    Your uncle Leon turns 70 on Wed and we are having a big party for him on Sat. Should be fun!

    Much love to you, and a big hug from us both

  2. Lydia Collins

    July 23, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Oh Lizz… I have enjoyed your blogs do very much. How generous you are to share your excitement and the thrill of the unspoilt and the unexpected. May you live off the back of your words! Peace and Prosperity, Lydia


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