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2 January 2013

Well, I have survived the holidays. My phone, unfortunately, did not, finally giving up the ghost on New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t doing anything myself to break it. In fact, I was fast asleep. But either it contracted a very delayed Millennium Bug, or the midnight texts were enough to kill it. That perhaps makes me sound a little more popular than I am – think more straw that broke the camel’s back. That phone has been through some tough times. There was the time I dropped it down the toilet. Then in a bucket of disinfectant. So really, it’s done very well.
Alongside this phone dying, the number that I have held for as long as I’ve had a phone is now obsolete. I am quite sad about this. Too much change! I have purchased a new phone, finally crossing the border into these ‘smartphone’ jobbies. I dutifully charged it all night, but I had to take it into the shop today because it wasn’t turning on. Turns out there was a plastic case protecting the battery. So, er, it’s not working yet.

But that’s the hard bit done now. Christmas is a difficult time to be away, especially when I haven’t been here long enough to have any roots. And it bloody rained on Christmas! I was planning on spending the day on the beach, doing something different that wasn’t attributed to Christmas and kind of blocking it out. But maybe England was missing me too, and sent me some rain as a token from home.

And now, somehow, it’s January 2013.

January is named after the two headed Roman god, ‘Janus’. The heads look in opposite ways, one at the year just past, one at the year ahead. Janus is the god of doorways, bridges and the rising and setting of the sun. A deity to represent transition, progression, beginnings and ends.

And 2013. This is the first year of my life that all the digits have been different to each other (the last one being 1987). That’s got to mean something. I’m not sure what.

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31 December 2012

Whilst at a party, HG Wells took a liking to another man’s hat, so he plucked it from the stand, placed it upon his own head and wore it home. On closer inspection, he found the owner had written his name and address in the brim of his hat, just in case it got lost. Wells wrote to the man and said, “I stole your hat. I shall keep your hat. Whenever I look inside it I shall think of you. I take off your hat to you!”

Happy New Year!

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